Florian S. Schaffner

DPhil Candidate in Politics

University of Oxford

About me

I am a doctoral candidate in politics at Balliol College and the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. I research the determinants and consequences of citizens’ perceptions of elections and popular votes - initiatives and referendums - using surveys, experiments and quantitative text analysis. My supervisor is Professor Geoffrey Evans, Nuffield College.


  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Psychology
  • Popular Votes
  • Elections
  • Surveys
  • Experiments
  • Text Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Open Science


  • DPhil in Politics, 2018-

    University of Oxford

  • MSc in Comparative Politics, 2018

    London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

  • BA in Social Sciences, 2016

    University of Zurich


What if Citizens Have Too Much Compassion or an Empathy Deficit? Explaining Political Attitudes and Behaviour with Empathic Ability

Empathy plays a foundational role in morality and some argue that a lack of empathy is to blame for today's toxic political …

Moaners, Gloaters, and Bystanders: Perceived Fairness of the United Kingdom's 2016 Referendum on the European Union

Referendums divide citizens into winners and losers, and research has shown that winners, losers, and abstainers tend to differ …


Brexit identities: how Leave versus Remain replaced Conservative versus Labour affiliations of British voters

The social polarisation over Brexit is pronounced and shows no sign of diminishing




Access Domains and Search Popular Websites. Available on CRAN.


An R package for convenient data exploration. Available on GitHub.


Quantitative Methods for Law

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